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Our Mission

Through continuous improvement & innovation, we remain customer focussed & consumer centric. We will endeavour to consistently produce products to the highest of standards.

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As a company, we foster a culture of perfection and unsurpassed value through strict adherence to international law.

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Through applied research and understanding, we aim to address the key health issues regarding tobacco use by developing products that potentially reduce the harmful effects associated with smoking.

We are Independent Tobacco

Independent tobacco is committed to delivering to consumers, only the highest quality products at competitive rates. We achieve this by ensuring we source materials from reputable international suppliers, and by stringent manufacturing processes.

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The values ve possess as a company

Our Values

Corporate Philosophy

At the core of our phylosophy lies a high regard for people as we value them as our prime assets.


We aim to be the bench mark supplier of sustainable, innovative high-quality tobacco products that offer substantial value to both consumers & stakeholders alike.


Every stage of our business is governed by Integrity and Transparency, for which there is no compromise, regardless of the financial consequences.

We have an excellent story

See our world through the eyes of people who work for and with us.

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